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Sell your car fast and get the best price! Dealers compete to buy your car, you get paid quickly, and the car gets picked up for free—all without any cost to you!

Faces of users who trust

Trusted by 20,000+ sellers
across 45 states

Faces of users who trust

Trusted by 20,000+ sellers
across 45 states

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  • Smart Pricing with AI

    Smart tech checks your car’s details, helping dealers give you the best price.

  • Highest Offer Wins!

    Dealers from everywhere compete for your car, ensuring you get the top offer, hassle-free.

  • Quick Sale & Pick-Up

    Sell swiftly, even within 24 hours! The dealer picks up your car and pays promptly, all for free.

  • Easy and Absolutely Free!

    Our platform is user-friendly and entirely free for you. We charge the dealers, not you!

Three Steps,
Zero Headache

  1. List Your Car

    Enter your plate or VIN, and you’re listed where dealers nationwide compete. Simple!

  2. Receive Offers

    Your car hits our marketplace, and dealers nationwide start making their best offers.

  3. Approve & Get Paid!

    Accept the top offer, schedule a free pick-up, and get paid fast by the winning dealer!

EpiCar: A Seller’s Best Friend

EpiCar: A Seller’s
Best Friend!

  • Bring the Dealerships to You
  • Leverage AI Car Listing Technology
  • Dealerships Compete for the Best Offers
  • Sell or Not, It’s Completely Free to You
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Tips and Q&A

  • How does EpiCar help me sell my car?

    EpiCar is a user-friendly platform that allows you to list your car where dealers nationwide can bid on it. You get to sell your car swiftly, often within 24 hours, and at the best price, as multiple dealers compete to give you their top offers.

  • How do I list my car on EpiCar?

    Listing your car is simple! Just enter your plate or VIN, and your car will be listed where dealers nationwide can start making their best offers. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • How does the AI technology work in pricing my car?

    Our smart AI technology checks your car’s details and helps dealers make informed decisions, ensuring that you receive the best and most accurate price for your car.

  • Do I have to pay to use EpiCar?

    No, our platform is completely free for you! Whether you sell your car or not, you don’t pay anything. We charge the dealers, not you!

  • How quickly can I sell my car?

    You can potentially sell your car within 24 hours! Once you accept the top offer, the winning dealer will coordinate a free car pick-up and ensure you get paid swiftly.

  • How do I receive payment?

    The winning dealer will pay you promptly, often within 24 hours of the car pick-up. It’s a hassle-free process designed to ensure your convenience.

  • What if I decide not to sell my car?

    That’s completely fine! You are under no obligation to accept any offer. And remember, whether you decide to sell or not, using EpiCar is completely free to you!

  • Can I use EpiCar on my phone?

    Absolutely! EpiCar is designed to be user-friendly and is accessible on your phone, making listing your car as easy as ordering your favorite coffee!

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Best Way
to Sell Your Car!

Get top value effortlessly! Dealers compete to give you the best offer, secure quick payment, and benefit from free pick-up or shipping—all at zero cost to you!